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Translation Subvention Program of Turkey

Information note:

TEDA in essence, is a translation and publication project of Turkish cultural, artistic and literary works by foreign well-known publishing firms in foreign languages, based on the act of translation and printing of the book project in the country it is translated.

The aim of TEDA is to merge Turkish cultural, artistic and literary spirit with the intellectual circles abroad, and to orient people to the sources of Turkish culture, art and literature. The basis of the Project is subvention granted for the translation and printing of distinguished works by celebrated authors as specified in the Directions and Application form by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey.

TEDA Program appeals to foreign publishing house operating outside

. Publishing houses can apply to TEDA Program for Turkish literary works they included in their publishing programs.

The applying publishers should submit the following documents to the Ministry:

1) Application form (originally signed and sealed application form should be submitted),

2) Document(s) provided from the related trade association or document proving that the applying Publisher is in publication business in his/her country

3) Document(s) testifying that copyright has been secured.

4) Copies of the agreement signed with the translator(s),

5) One copy of the original work,

6) Samples of the publisher’s recent catalogues.

The applications are evaluated by TEDA Advisory Committee consisted of two members from the Ministry and 5 members who are expert in the field of culture, art and literature.

In 2005, 29 titles were granted in the framework of TEDA Program. The interest shown in TEDA Program increased growingly in 2006. A notable diversity in the applying countries was sighted in 2006 and the first applications were received from


Ukraine, Brazil, Macedonia,
Austria, Bulgaria, Iran,
Taiwan and Russia. Also the first applications were received in the field of history, theatre in addition to novel and poem. The interest in classical writers such as Yunus Emre, Mevlana, Ömer Seyfettin, Mehmet Akif Ersoya increased as well as in contemporary writers. 61 titles were granted in the framework of TEDA Program in 2006.

Orhan Pamuk’s winning the Nobel Literature Prize affected the interest shown to other Turkish writers abroad positively. Thus a considerable increase in applications to TEDA Program has been sighted as from 2007 in terms of diversity in writers, titles and countries.

In the framework of TEDA Program, 199 titles in 2007, 182 titles in 2008, 140 titles in 2009, 181 titles each in 2010 and 2011, 341 titles in 2012 and 235 titles in 2013 have been granted.

As a result, in 56 different languages, 1559 titles applied by 407 different publishers from 61 different countries have been supported about 1130 titles have been published as of March, 2014.

TEDA application form (in Turkish and English), requirements for application and detailed information about TEDA Program are available on www.tedaproject.gov.tr


Work-stream Schedule in Applications:

The applications to TEDA Project totally made by the foreign publishers on their own initiatives. Besides, the copyright agencies and translators of Turkish literature play an important role in international book fairs for promoting Turkish literature. However, as the Ministry, no title or author can be recommended. Thus, any publisher who includes any Turkish literature in his program can apply to TEDA Program with an originally signed/sealed application form (available on www.tedaproject.gov.tr) along with other required documents.

The documents required for applications with application form:

1. Publishing Certificate: The applicant should submit a copy of an official document obtained from legal authorities showing that the applying publisher is a registered active publishing company or a copy of trade registry entry or certificate of incorporation or any official document showing that the applying publisher is a member of publishers associationin his/her country.

2. Copyright/License Agreement: A copy of an agreement proving that the copyright holder gives the publishing permission of the applied work to the publisher.

3. Translation Agreement: A copy of an agreement signed with the translator for the applied work. Usually the agreements include the following points:

- Translation fee (sometimes some part of the fee is paid in advance and the rest of the fee is paid on the delivery of the translation or after the publication of the translation)

- In few agreements a limited share (%1-2) is given to the translator out of sale which could be the case for best sellers.

4. The book or its copy base for translation

5. Recent Catalogue or e-catalogue of the applying publisher: Looking into the catalogue, the following information maybe obtained:

- The genres of the titles published

- The number of the titles published per a year

- Availability of translated literary works

- Distribution network

Short translations of the documents prepared in the languages other than English or Turkish should be attached.

TEDA Advisory Committee Meeting: The complete applications submitted to TEDA Program are evaluated and resolved by the Committee in the meetings held twice a year.

Committee’s Decision: Following the Ministerial approval of the decision, the applicants are informed officially. The decisions can be: “Positive
”, “Negative” and “Postponement”.

Agreement: A bilingual (Turkish-English) agreement is signed between the Ministry and the Publisher for each supported titles.

Payment of the Grant: After receiving Ministerial approval, the payment (Euro or USD) will be transferred to the publisher’s account at once after the agreement is signed by the parties and submitted to the Ministry by the publisher.

Legal Duration: According to the agreement the publisher is obliged to publish the book within two years.

Additional Time: With the decision of the Committee, up to 1 year additional time may be given to the publisher who can not publish the work within 2 years for some reasons.

Complimentary Books: After the book is published, the publisher is obliged to send 30 complimentary copies to the Ministry.

Original/Copy Documents: The originally signed/sealed application form should be submitted to the Ministry. Copy of the other documents can be accepted.

Application Deadlines: The applications can be made throughout the year. The applications received until the last working day of May are evaluated in the first TEDA Advisory Committee meeting and the applications received until October, the 25th

are evaluated in the second TEDA Advisory Committee meeting. In case of any change, the exact deadlines will be announced on www.tedaproject.gov.tr

Additional Committee meeting: According to the number of applications an additional committee meeting may be held.

Language of the documents: The application form should be filled out in English or Turkish

List of published works in the framework of TEDA Program is available on www.tedaproject.gov.trwith their photo and synopsis


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