Manila Büyükelçiliği 19.09.2017

The 41st “8th November World Urbanism Day” Colloquium will be held in Konya, Turkey on 7-9 November 2017 under the auspices of Turkish Chamber of Engineers and Architectures and Selçuk University around the main theme “Planning in Rural Areas and Regions”.

The discussions during the said Colloquium will take place within the framework of the following subject titles:

- National Development and Regional Planning Approaches

- Regional Development Policies and Rural Areas

- Rural Areas and Regions within Accessibility Scope

- City and Country Tension in New Paradigms

- Rethinking Rural Areas in its Region

- Whole City Law and Rural Areas

- Rural Areas Management and Planning Processes

- The Future of Rural Areas in Turkey

- Planning and Design in Rural Areas

- Destroyed Rural Areas and Its Impacts on Cities

- Rural Areas on the Protection of Natural Values

- Protection of Rural Settlement Texture, Rural Architecture and Landscape

- Rural Areas and Sectorial Diversity

- Social Capital in Rural Areas

- Rural Resilience

- The Impacts and Management of Migration Movements

- Rural Threats and Sustainability

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Niyazi Evren Akyol Ambassador
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