Travel advisory regarding flights to Turkey

Manila Büyükelçiliği 25.12.2020

1. Starting from 27 December 2020, UTC 00:00 hours all passengers will be subject to show possession of negative SARS-COV-2 PCR test done at least 72-hours prior to their entrance to Turkey.

2. Passengers who do not show negative PCR test will be quarantined at their own address (house, hotel etc.) that they have declared to stay, those who do not declared address in turkey will be quarantined at the places selected by the Ministry of Health.

3. On the 7th day of the quarantine passengers will be tested. Quarantine will be lifted for those having negative test result. Passengers with positive test result will be treated in accordance with the covıd-19 guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

4. These measures will be in force until 1 March 2021.


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