Travel Advisory for Inbound Passengers to Turkey

Manila Büyükelçiliği 18.06.2021

1. Requirements for Arriving Passengers

Within the scope of the measures taken against the Covid-19 pandemic on June 1, 2021, following resolutions regarding entry to Turkey remain in effect:

a) Passengers arriving in Turkey from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, South Africa, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and passengers who have been in said countries within the last 14 days, must submit a negative COVID-19 RT PCR test result taken 72 hours prior their arrival. Such passengers are subject to 14-day-quarintine in locations to be determined by the relevant Governorships.

b) Flight restrictions for Brazil and South Africa are removed.

c) Passengers inbound to Turkey from the United Kingdom, Iran, Egypt and Singapore must present a negative COVID-19 RT PCR test result taken in the last 72 hours prior their arrival in Turkey.

d) Passengers from countries other than stated above, who submit a COVID-19 vaccination certificate issued by the relevant country's authorities showing that they have been inoculated with both doses at least 14 days before their arrival in Turkey and/or that they have recovered from the Covid-19 disease within the last 6 months are not required to submit a negative PCR test and will also not be quarantined (Turkey accepts all COVID-19 vaccine brands as long as both doses are administered within the said time frame).

Passengers who cannot present a Covid-19 vaccination-certificate or a medical attest proving that they have recovered from the Covid-19 disease are required to submit the result of negative PCR test taken 72 hours, or rapid antigen test performed 48 hours prior to their arrival in Turkey.

e) Passengers, excluding those arriving from countries listed in Paragraph (a), are subject to PCR testing on the basis of sampling at the time of their arrival in Turkey. These passengers will be allowed to proceed to their final destination after the test samples are taken. Passengers whose test results are positive, will be treated in accordance with the COVID-19 treatment protocol of the Ministry of Health of Turkey.

f) As of March 15, 2021, passengers who enter Turkey on international flights (excluding transfer passengers and passengers under the age of 6) must fill out the “Turkey Entry Form”, which can be accessed via within 72 hours prior to their flight. A paper printout or mobile screenshot of the completed form will be checked at the airline check-in counter before the flight. In addition, passengers are also required to fill out a “Passenger Information Form” which will be distributed on their flights to Turkey.

g) Temperature measurements at Turkey’s airports have been removed for all destinations except for the flights from/to Canada, Singapore and Guangzhou as well as for passengers using hot connection points (points used by transfer passengers with a connection time of 90 minutes or less) due to short connecting times.

h) It is obligatory to obtain an HES-code for domestic flights within Turkey. There is no HES code requirement for non-Turkish citizens. For further information, please visit theHayat Eve Sığarpage.

2. Other Covid-19 Safety Related Requirements

General health precautions such as personal hygiene, facemask, face shield, social distancing etc. are also to be observed during the stay in Turkey. Please be informed that there might also be curfew between certain hours depending on Covid-19 measures in the final destination.

3. Visa Requirements and Application Procedures

Filipino nationals holding diplomatic and official/service passports are exempted from visa for their travels to Turkey up to 30 days. Ordinary passport holder Filipino nationals can submit their visa applications via nationals who have valid visas or resident permits for a Schengen Country, USA, UK or Ireland may apply for B-type e-Visa via said link. Turkish e-Visa holders who do not meet the said conditions will not be permitted to enter Turkey and declared as INAD-Passenger.

4. Status of Air Travel

Turkish Airlines continues to operate daily reciprocal flights between Istanbul and Manila. There is also no domestic flight restriction within Turkey. Current information regarding domestic and international flights as well as suspended flights etc. can be obtained vie Turkish Airlines’ website Information on flight restrictions and health measures can be obtained via


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