Advisory | Negative RT-PCR Test Result Requirement for Non-Inoculated Individuals With Covid-19 Vaccine in Order to Participate in Public Events or Travel Between Cities by Public Transport in Turkey

Manila Büyükelçiliği 28.08.2021

Effective as of September 6, 2021,non-inoculated individuals with Covid-19 vaccine will be required to present a negative RT-PCR test to participate in public events such as concerts, cinemas and theatres. Within the scope of the said regulation, operators/organizers are required to scan via HES-Code the vaccination status and Covid-19 infection history (based on the time that is scientifically accepted after being infected with Covid-19) or the negative RT-PCR test result performed latest 48 hours prior the event, for each participant. Individuals who are not inoculated with Covid-19 vaccine or have no Covid-19 infection history or cannot present a negative RT-PCR test result, will not be allowed to participate such public events.

Individuals who do not meet the above-mentioned conditions will not be allowed to travel between cities by plane, bus, train or other public transport.

Local Government Units may take the aforementioned measures for other public events if they deem it necessary.


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